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Birds of Prey Costume Inspired Options Masterpost

With the multitude of costumes Margot is wearing as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, I have had more interactions with those partaking in cosplaying as they enjoy seeing exactly what items are being used. I have been able to find quite a few exact items Margot is wearing, but some are yet to be found. I wanted to create a post with links to items that I believe are similar enough to be used or inspired fashion choices.

I am not knowledgeable of anything in terms of cosplaying, so the items below may be way off the chart. However I thought it would be a good basis for those looking for specific items they don’t yet have. Some items are expensive, but I included them anyway as I believe a portion are the closest match you can have.

I have also listed sites that I believe to be legit. Although I have used Poshmark as a reference, I am hesitant to include items that have stock images as the main point of advertising; these could be knock-offs/scams.

Oh and if I haven’t included a particular costume, it’s because I haven’t found any items that look remotely like the original/elements just don’t match up. Feel free to DM me on Instagram to share any tips!

Affiliate links are used in this post at no cost to the reader

An asterisk (*) indicates an exact item, hence why it might be an expensive product!

This will be a super long post, so be prepared for a lot of images/links!

28th January Look 1


Zaful Crushed Velvet Duster Coat Peacock Blue £23.26 (Small)
For Love and Lemons Nadine Velvet Coat £207 (Xtra-Small) IMO This is the closest match without sequins

Pants (These pants are the closest match that I can see, hence why I’ve uploaded so many that are for sale!)

Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $35 (Size 4)
Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $15 (Size 2)
Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $88 (Size 12)
Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $27 (Size 00 Petite)
Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $48 (Size 0)
Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $35 (Size 0)
Poshmark – Banana Republic Ryan Striped Pants $53 (Size 4)


Isabel Marant Lamsy Boots $1,350*
Poshmark – Candies White Cowboy Boots $35 (Size 5)
Missguided Patent Croc Cowboy Boots $60 (Sizes 5 & 9)

1st February Look 2

Vest (This item may require more home DIY to accomplish Harley’s look. I am not including the confetti here, rather a few links below where you can find DIY crafts.)

Michelle Uberreste* Custom Orders (She stated on IG she was still taking custom orders!)
Etsy – Transparent Clear Plastic PVC Biker Kean Jacket £84.80+ (Sizes S – XXXL)
Etsy – Transparent Vinyl Biker Jacket £84.91 (Sizes S, M, L)
Boohoo Transparent Rain Mac with Seams $22 (Sizes S/M – L/XL)

Full Outfit
Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey Full Costume £317.44 (Made to Order)

Shorts (These would definitely have to be customised to look exactly like Harley’s!)

Shein Raw Hem Ripped Denim Shorts £10.99 (Sizes S, M, L, XL)
Old Navy Mid-Rise Distressed Shorts $25.00 (Sizes 0 – 20)
Boohoo Plus Extreme Rip Denim Shorts $19.00 (Sizes 16 – 20)

I personally think you can even shop around in charity shops for a decent pair of shorts!

Confetti (I’m not sure what material is actually used, please let me know if you have a tip!)

Commercial Costuming* IG (I am not sure if they are actually taking orders)
eBay – Police Caution Tape £2.99


United Nude Molten Calli Hi White Printed Mesh* £220.00 (Sizes 35, 36)
United Nude Molten Calli Mid White Printed Mesh* £190.00 (Sizes 35, 36)
Forever 21 Mesh Ankle Boots £32.00 (Sizes 3.5 – 6)

5th April Look 3


Halogen Satin Blazer $39.97 (Sizes XS – XL)
Etsy – Votre Nom Double Breasted Blazer $50 (Size 1)


Isabel Marant Novida Leather Pants* £825 (Sizes 34, 36, 38)


Amazon – Forever Link Abigale 43 Womens Sequin Booties $19.99 – $29.99 (Sizes 5M US – 7.5M US)
Guiseppe Zanotti Sequin Round Toe Boots $165.00 (Size US 7.5)
Windsor Smith Outlet Gamila Black Sequin Boots $58.00 (Size 8.5)
Public Desire Pointy Sock Boots £49.99 (Size UK3 – UK8)


Basso Croco Fanny Pack £35.99
eBay – Crocodile Womens Belt Bag $24.95

This post shall be updated on a regularly basis, so please feel free to keep checking back! I do hope to find her jewellery soon!

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