Fashion Look: Margot For Chanel Gabrielle Essence Perfume Photoshoot

14th September 2019admin

I figured it was about time I finally posted the look that Margot is wearing for the new advertisement for Chanel Gabrielle, the new perfume fragrance she is the face off. Granted there are quite a few photoshoots in 2019 I still have yet to post, however this is definitely the smallest of them with just one look.

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Styled By: ???
Makeup By: ???
Hair By: ???
Nails By: ???

In terms of styling, I can’t be certain of the style team as my research hasn’t yielded who (I am assuming Kate + Pati), but we do know that for the campaign, Margot is wearing a white chiffon, bodice encrusted gown from the Chanel Fall 2019 Collection.

The dress itself was edited for the official images, to match the theme of the shoot, but in the behind the scenes video we can get a better look at it in it’s non-edited state. Margot did not wear any shoes for this shoot, with makeup and hair kept to a minimum.

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  • Wow

    16th September 2019 at 8:50 am

    Wow, amazing dress.

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