Fashion Look: Birds Of Prey – Harley Quinn Fashion Masterpost

1st October 2019admin

Today the official trailer for Birds of Prey, Margot’s 2nd outing as Harley Quinn, was released online and to say I am excited is pretty much an absolute understatement. I honestly loved everything about it and you should be checking it out too! I have decided to create an overall masterpost of Harley’s looks and over the coming days, I shall be moving all my previous ID’s onto this post. This will just help keep everything on one place.

This post contains information to shop Margot’s style for less. As such, we may receive a commission for any links clicked and for any purchases made. This is at no extra cost to the audience but aids in keeping MFF running!

To start of the post, I have a brand new ID! From the trailer we see Harley sporting a pair of pretty gnarly leather gloves. Her new gloves are the Uncuffed Leather Opera Leather Fingerless Gloves. This sport a multicoloured hand design on the entire length, and according to the designer, represent the idea of sisterhood. Pretty apt for Birds of Prey don’t you think? They are available for $395CAD and each are custom made.

By far, one of the most highly requested questions I have gotten ever since we had our first clear glimpse of Harley was always along the lines of ‘Who made her necklace?’ Frustratingly, I was never able to answer that. Until today! Thanks to @sararomanoff who notified me that while Birds of Prey is being presented via panels, artwork and more, it was revealed also who the designer was. Harley’s custom necklace, with various charms such as a dog bone, key, her hammer and more was created by Billie Valentine. Currently they have a landing page website where you can enter to win an original copy of Harley’s necklace. So be sure to visit!

Another neat find! With thanks also to @lamaisongagax for this one. In a number of scenes in the movie, as well as the promotional material, Harley can be seen wearing a velvet top under her Gold overalls and in other scenes, her confetti jacket. We now know that this creation is by GCDS and is from their Spring 2019 Collection. What it also tells us is that the top is also connected to a via clip to the bottom half. I have included a closeup of this image in the edit above.

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