Best of 2019: Margot’s Fashion Moment

26th December 2019admin

Each year I do a list of what Margot’s best looks have been, including her red carpet moments, candid moments and the best makeup looks, done by her regularly artist Pati Dubroff. This year I have decided to focus solely on Margot’s red carpet looks, including smaller events.

This year has been a busy one for Margot, with the end of 2019 especially so. Not only did she promote Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in countries like Rome, Berlin and also attended Cannes, she also travelled to Brazil for the beginning of the tour for Birds of Prey.

Polls are now open for you to make your choice! Every major event she attended is included, however as I could only add 32 events, a few had to be cut (mostly those looks that weren’t as big events/tv appearances).

In order to vote, you must visit the link below and decide your best look for each round. With 8 rounds altogether, 1 shall be selected to proceed to the 2nd round. Then it continues to the 3rd round, semi-finals and then the final, winning look! Each round will last a day and finish at 11:45pm each day. I will post reminders on Twitter and Instagram for you to vote in each round.

Thank you for participating and the winner shall be announced on the 31st December 2019!


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